Our Team


Our mission is to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace to all employers and staff.  

Kate Sweeney


The Director is Kate Sweeney, a Senior Occupational Nurse Adviser with over 20 years clinical experience including intensive care & cardiac care in the UK and Middle-East. Her Occupational Health nursing experience ranges from heavy engineering, Councils, construction, manufacturing and electronics.She oversees all contracts with her team of nurses, occupational physicians & other key personnel.

Stephen Doherty


Dr Stephen Doherty MFOM is the Advisor in charge of the clinical aspects of the business and supervises his group of Occupational Health physicians. As a former HSE Doctor he has extensive knowledge of the law, industry and their interactions.

Elaine Lynne Sarah Scholy
Elaine Stevenson
Occuptional Health Nurse
Lynne Dodds
Occupational Health Nurse
Sarah Brannan
Occupational Health Nurse
Scholy McCafferty
Operations Co-ordinator
tracey somers Susan Hawthorne michael thornton Alan King
Tracy Somers
Susan Hawthorne
Office Manager
Michael Thornton
Occupational Health
Allan King


Lt Cdr G A Hill eddie Cairns Charmaine Smyth Alison Kennedy Gail Foster
George Hill


Eddie Cairns
Charmaine Smyth
Occupational Health Nurse
Alison Kennedy
Occupational Health Nurse
Gail Hunter
Occupational Health Nurse
Joanna Cowan - Senior Health Nurse tam Tammy Bell - Senior Health Nurse
Joanna Cowan
Occupational Health Nurse

Entertainments Manager

Tammy Bell
Occupational Health Nurse